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Amethyst | 8mm



Amethyst | 8mm


Amethyst is a popular and widely used gemstone with a rich purple color. It belongs to the quartz family and is known for its beauty and spiritual significance. In metaphysical and alternative healing traditions, Amethyst is associated with various properties and benefits. While these claims are not supported by scientific evidence, many people find personal and spiritual value in wearing Amethyst jewelry. Here are some commonly associated properties and benefits of an Amethyst 8mm bracelet:


  • Calming and Relaxation: Amethyst is often considered a calming stone. It is believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and soothe the mind. Some people use Amethyst as a tool for meditation and achieving a state of calm.
  • Spiritual Growth: Amethyst is associated with spiritual growth and awareness. It is believed to enhance intuition, spiritual insights, and a deeper connection to one's inner self.
  • Protection: In various traditions, Amethyst is considered a protective stone. It is thought to shield the wearer from negative energies and provide a sense of security.
  • Enhanced Sleep: Some people believe that Amethyst can help improve the quality of sleep by promoting restful and peaceful nights. Placing Amethyst near the bed or wearing an Amethyst bracelet is thought to have this effect.
  • Balancing Energy: Amethyst is associated with balancing and harmonizing energy. It is believed to help balance emotions, promote mental clarity, and enhance decision-making.
  • Sobriety and Addiction Recovery: In some cultures, Amethyst has been historically associated with sobriety and addiction recovery. It is believed to support those on a journey to overcome addictive behaviors.
  • Chakra Activation: Amethyst is often linked to the crown chakra, which is associated with higher consciousness and spiritual connection. Wearing Amethyst is thought to activate and balance the crown chakra.
  • Creativity and Focus: Some people believe that Amethyst can enhance creativity and focus, making it a popular choice for artists and those engaged in creative pursuits.


It's important to approach these beliefs with an open mind and understand that any perceived benefits are subjective. If you choose to use Amethyst or any other gemstone for its metaphysical properties, it's essential to do so as a personal and spiritual practice. Gemstones should not replace professional medical advice or treatment for any health concerns.

  • Care Instructions

    To keep your Amethyst bracelet in good condition and preserve its beauty, follow these general care instructions:

    Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Amethyst can be sensitive to harsh chemicals, so it's essential to avoid exposure to household cleaning agents, perfumes, and cosmetics. These substances can potentially damage the surface of the stone.

    Avoid Prolonged Sunlight: Direct sunlight can affect the color of Amethyst over time. When you're not wearing your bracelet, store it in a cool, dark place to prevent fading.

    Gentle Cleaning: If your bracelet needs cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away dirt or residues. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh cleaning solutions, as they may damage the surface of the Amethyst.

    Recharging and Cleansing: Some people believe that Amethyst benefits from occasional cleansing or recharging. You can do this by placing your bracelet on a bed of sea salt, using moonlight or sunlight (depending on the stones), or using methods like smudging with sage.

    Stringing Cord Care: If your bracelet is strung on stretch cord, be gentle when putting it on or taking it off to avoid stretching or damaging the cord. Over time, stretch cord may lose its elasticity, so consider restringing if you notice signs of wear.

    Regular Use: Amethyst is believed to benefit from regular use, as it is thought to absorb and emit energies. Wearing your bracelet often may contribute to the flow of its metaphysical properties.

    Storage: When not wearing your bracelet, store it in a cool, dry place. You can use a soft pouch or a jewelry box with compartments to prevent scratching or tangling with other jewelry pieces.

    Keep in mind that individual care needs may vary based on the specific materials used in your bracelet, so always check for any care recommendations provided by the jeweler or manufacturer. Following these general care instructions should help maintain the appearance and energetic properties of your Amethyst bracelet.


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