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Crystals & Their Healing Magic



Royale Heart Crystals


Crystals are amazing gems (no pun intended) right from Mother Earth. I carry many unique various crystals in my shop. I never buy in bulk. Each crystal is hand selected by me.

❤️All Crystals are Ethically Sourced
❤️Each Crystal is Hand Picked by Me
❤️All Crystals are Cleansed & Charged Before Shipping
❤️Free Shipping On Orders Over $35 within the US
❤️100% Authentic & Genuine Crystals

I love the energy, vibrations & healing aspects crystals bring to our lives. I care about Mother Earth, the quality of the crystals I offer, the lives of the people who help bring the crystals above ground & You. These are the reasons why I hand pick each crystal that I offer to you. I only offer crystals that are ethically sourced by entities that pay their employees fair wages. Please email me if you would like more information on this.

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