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Hello, I'm Royale Heart!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.
My Mother immigrated to the United States from Lebanon. I grew up deeply influenced and connected to the Lebanese culture.  I was introduced to the Mohawk tribe later in life and absolutely fell in love with the Native American culture and way of life. I have two main Spirit guides, Thunder and Chief Sparrow, who help me with my Native American medicine and work. I connect deeply with the indigenous spirituality and a lot of my rituals and work stem from Native American medicine. 

My Story

My Teta (Grandmother) read coffee cups, traditional Lebanese coffee called Turkish coffee, her entire life. 
My Teta would often talk to me about spirits and dreams. My Mother is also spiritually connected and she has premonitions from her dreams.  As a child I was scared when I would see a Spirit, I did not understand why no one else could see or hear them. Like most people, I ‘closed’ myself off from Spirit for many years. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I started to ‘open’ up again and ground myself in my gifts and ability. This allowed me to begin the life journey I was meant to lead.

For a large part of my working life, I was in a career where I saw a lot of tragedy and suffering. This is where I had my own personal transformation of growth. By exploring the Spiritual world and ‘opening’ myself up, I discovered Tarot. Through channeling & meditating I have truly embraced my calling.

My gifts are:

•    Medium (able to speak & connect to loved ones that have crossed over)
•    Clairsentience (feeling) 
•    Claircognisance (factual knowing) 
•    Clairaudience (hearing) 
•    Empath

I do not dabble with the darkness; however, I can see the shadow world – this means I can see both dark & light. My ability to see dark helps protect me from its influence and allows me to read with more clarity. I can distinguish between the illusions of the dark and the messages of the light. This gift allows me to not be confused by them. Additionally, it helps to pierce the veil – meaning I can understand on a deeper level what is happening spiritually. This is why and how I will provide coaching that is very accurate and may contain messages that may be hard to hear. Just remember I will be with you through the entire journey, whatever it may be. I can also provide direction on how to cleanse and protect one’s self from unwanted influence. Please know there is never any judgement during our sessions.

I understand how overwhelming this can all seem; I promise you together we will illuminate your path. Using my experience, I will assist in connecting with you and bringing forth awareness and healing through the messages of light & love. This is the greatest gift I can give you.

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